FishWhether you’re a fly fisherman or an angler, our area offers excellent opportunities to get your fish on! There are three rivers and seven lakes within minutes of our beautiful valley. Come to Andrews and Fish!

Better Fly Fisher
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Written by Alec Greg No matter how long you’ve been fly fishing, there is always something new to learn. An avid fly fisher will always be on the lookout for another style, technique, or fishery to try out. Fly fishers are a unique breed who like spending a day on the river just for the experience...Read More 

Kayak Fishing Safety
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Written by Wesley Anderson Fishing in North Carolina is a hobby that goes back generations. Fishing around Andrews, NC is the exact same story. There are so many great lakes, rivers, and ponds around here to find what you are looking for. You can take the extra step and add a kayak to your fishing adventures...Read More 

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In fishing, trout are one of the favorite “fishing friends” of most anglers. These crafty fish are abundant in our area. In Western North Carolina we have three species of trout: Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, and Brook Trout. In trout fishing, there are some factors that need to be considered in order...Read More 

Fishing with Children
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Often times as adults, we want to share our hobbies and pastimes with our children. However, it can be difficult to decide when that pastime is appropriate. Children have shorter attention spans that make it difficult to calculate when they are ready for certain things. Fishing is a common hobby of many...Read More 

Bass Fishing
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Our area of Western North Carolina offers all sorts of fishing opportunities; from fly fishing to angling. Wilderness Today named Fontana Lake as their number one location in their “Top 10 Best Fishing Locations in North Carolina” article. There are 8 public fishing lakes within miles of...Read More 


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