Join the Andrews Chamber of Commerce

The Andrews, NC Chamber of Commerce membership year runs July 1 through June 30. Annual dues are based on the type of Membership you select.

Business Membership: $100/yr (For Profit Business membership)
Second Business*: $50/yr (For Profit Business that is associated with a current business membership)
Non-Profit Membership: $50/yr (Not for Profit member such as charitable organization or not for profit club)
Individual Membership: $50/yr (Membership for one person not associated with a business)
Family Membership: $50/yr (Membership for a family not associated with a business)

*Members are entitled to one vote per full membership, so if you choose the “second business” membership option, that does not give you a second vote.

Membership Applications

Check Payment

If you prefer to print your form to mail and pay by check, choose this option.
Check Payment

Credit Card Payment

If you’d like to pay by credit card, and only do a ONE TIME payment, choose this option.
Credit Card Payment

Automatic Payments

If you’d like to set up automatic annual payments via credit card, choose this option.
Automatic Payments

PLEASE NOTE: Credit card payments include a small processing fee.

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