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Jacksonville Senior Expo 2018

Expo Management Inc.

Bill Anderson of Andrews, NC is the President of Expo Management Inc. Bill has owned and operated Home & Garden Shows and Senior Expos for 32 years. Such events give businesses the opportunity to meet face-to-face with future clients and allow them to promote their products, services, and business to the general public all under one roof!Learn More
Glen Choga Lodge

Glen Choga Lodge

Enjoy a visit to Glen Choga Lodge, where you walk back in time the minute you enter the property. A pond sits to the left as you drive up the driveway and the large lodge sits to the right. Check-in and check it all out. Sit by the pond as you catch the feeling that time is slowing down. A day in the mountains is equal to two days in the city. Join others on the front porch where porch therapy is Learn More
Hawkesdene - Andrews NC

Hawkesdene Mountain Retreat

Hawkesdene prides itself on its differentiation from “same-day” venues, in which you’re in and you’re out so quickly. An extended stay here is about bringing all your close friends and family together for a comfortable, relaxing, private getaway in the mountains.Learn More



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